What You Need To Know About Amygdalin

Amygdalin is a popular chemical among natural medicine enthusiasts especially because it possesses anticarcinogenic properties. It is marketed commercially as laetrile or Vitamin B17. It is a derivative of the aromatic amino acid, Phenylalanine. It is not an essential vitamin because the body can function well without. Laetrile is found in many fruits, vegetable, and nuts. It has been commonly found in the stone of peaches and plums and seeds of apples and pears, a variety of beans, spinach, the tops of beets and even flax seeds. The apricot kernel and the apple and pear seeds have some sort of bitterness that can be attributed to the presence of vitamin B17. When obtained from the plants that they are in, it is in a white crystalline form. Click here to buy Vitamin B17 .

It is used in the medical field for many reasons; however, it can only be administered to willing patients because of its controversial nature. The controversy surrounding it is because some believe that the supposed medical benefits are wrong while others believe in them.

Amygdalin is thought to possess some therapeutic properties. It has been used to manage arthritis and high blood pressure. In fact, it not only maintains blood pressure, but it also keeps the blood pH at optimum by lowering it whenever it rises. The optimum pH of the blood will give the organs a conducive physiological environment. It has also been used as an immune booster as well. Vitamin B 17 has been said to be a direct killer of cancer cells.

Amygdalin use is not widely spread as conventional medicine, but those who have embraced holistic medication, alternative medicine and those who are against synthetic chemical medicine have opted to choose vitamin B17 especially as a cancer treatment. This can be attributed to the success stories of those who have used it and have been cured. Buy Vitamin B17 now!

Vitamin B17 is very potent thus it is advisable for users to use it in minimal quantities to avoid toxicity that may arise from its excessive consumption. The maximum amount that can be taken per day is 100 grams. To control the amount being consumed, they have been formulated into supplement tablets. It can also be administered in liquid form as it's used in cancer treatment.

The study on amygdalin is still ongoing. Every day scientists are making considerable progress towards discovering all the significant things about this unique vitamin. It will not be long before they find a way to incorporate it for use in conventional medicine.